About Bob Campbell

Bob Campbell has over 25 years experience in the Marine Electrical/Electronics field. He founded Marine Electric Systems, LLC in 1990 as a full service Electrical Design, Diagnostic Evaluation, Repair, and Equipment Installation business in Annapolis Maryland. It had become one of the premier marine electrical companies having performed numerous electrical upgrades and electrical re-fits. Specializing in cruising sail and power vessels from the Chesapeake Bay weekender, to World Ocean Cruising vessels.

By 2014 Bob sold Marine Electric Systems, and started a new career as a consultant and instructor to boat owners, as well as, technicians and other Marine Companies. Bob now provides independent analysis of electrical and corrosion problems, and safety inspections to ensure the vessels existing electrical system meets The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards. Additionally, he offers an independent design expertise, and a third-party analysis and evaluation of equipment choices and design objectives.

Since 2004, Bob has been the lead instructor, and in charge of curriculum development for all of the electrical classes, taught at the Annapolis School of Seamanship, Annapolis, Md.  The classes are designed for boat owners who want to understand more about their electrical systems and proper troubleshooting techniques. These classes consist of about 50% hands-on instruction to apply the actual theory, as well as, understand how equipment should be installed. The classes have been highly acclaimed by the vast majority of the boat owners upon completion. Bob also designed and built all the teaching aids used in the classes.

Bob also known as the 'Yoda of Marine Electronics,' offers training on board your boat, that is customize specifically to your objectives and can develop from whatever level your background allows. He’s a big proponent of hands-on training wherever possible, and recommends using your meters if possible, so you get experience with them.

  • ABYC Electrical and Corrosion certified technician
  • Founder and owner of Marine Electric Systems in Annapolis, MD for 23 years
  • Military training, as well as shipboard experience
  • EYC Outstanding Marine Wizard 2010
  • Advanced professional teaching certificate for state of Maryland
  • Bachelors in industrial education​​




Seminars & Workshops:

  • Annapolis Sailboat Show Seminars (annually)
  • Fawcetts & West Marine Seminars
  • Sail Clubs & Groups - Ocean Sailing & Caribbean 1500 organization, as well as numerous other clubs/groups




“My compliments for an outstanding job with the design, product selection, and installation of our new electrical system. Your work was completed on time, and on budget, and each step was completed with meticulous care.  The system has made us change our approach to DC power management and made sailing more enjoyable.”        – David Longnecker

"Bob Campbell of Marine Electric is one of the best, if not the best electrical guy I have ever worked with. Not cheap, however but worth every penny."      -Jon D

"This course really helped me understand more about how the electrical system works on my boat.  I feel more confident to study my boat's systems and to understand if they are safe - and how to make them safer.  Also I feel I can troubleshoot problems and am confident that I can fix some issues and know when I need to call in an expert.  Great instruction!"   -ASOS Student referring to Marine Electrical Classes

"Wonderful classes.  Great instructors and hands-on activities."  -ASOS Student referring to Marine Electrical Classes

"The electrical courses are great!  Super informative with good instructors that have a passion for the student's learning."  -ASOS Student referring to Marine Electrical Classes

"Exceptional class!  Very well presented.  Theory to practice was exceptionally valuable.  Bob is an exceptional teacher.  Overall outstanding class - thank you!"  -ASOS Student referring to Marine Electrical Classes